Sarah Ash - Violinist


December 2018 - Music Examinations

Congratulations to all of my students who passed their ABRSM and Trinity Music examinations this month!  With all students achieving passes, merits and distinction this is a great achievemnet, and a good chance to look back on your progress this year, and see how your good practice is reflected in your results.


June 2018 - FOIM Concert

Well done to all of my Bourke Street students who performed so wonderfully tonight at the Sydney Opera House. All your hard work has paid off and you did yourselves proud, and as always showed Bourke Street in an exemplary light.


January 2018 - Trinity Grammar

I am happy to announce that I have been appointed as a Violin teacher and group class teacher at Trinity Grammar in Summer Hill.  I can't wait to start  in February, and develop my studio there.


December 2017 - Ensemble Auditions

Well done to all of my students who auditioned for SYO and Arts Unit ensembles on Violin and Cello who were ALL awarded places! Congratulations - you will have a fantastic time in these wonderful ensembles next year!


December 2017 - Music Examinations

Congratulations to all my students who worked so hard and all passed their ABRSM and AMEB exams with flying colours! Well done on all of your hard work and commitment


October 2017

Good luck to all my students auditioning for SYO, and The Arts Unit ensembles in the next few weeks! Keep up the good preparation and remember to listen to the excerpts!


10th October - Music Count Us In PD

An informative personal development workshop run by The Arts Unit about teaching the 'Music Count Us In' Song, and warm ups, memory techniques, and introducing pentatonic scales to students


22nd - 24th September - Australian Violin Pedagogy Conference

I had a wonderful and enightening time at the 3 day conference listening to fabulous speakers, and getting lots of new ideas and tips to help in various aspects of teaching, including incorperating Alexander technique and reducing performance anxiety.



7th September - FOIM Mimosa Concert

Well done to my fantastic students at Bourke Street who managed to memorise all their music, and perform in a fabulous concert at the Opera House! 



5th September - HSC Performances

Congratulations to my hard working students who complete their HSC recitals today - Good luck with your results!


June 2016 Examination Results:

ABRSM - 1 Merit, 2 high passes, 1 pass



11th May 2017 - MLC Biennial Sydney Opera House Concert.

Well done to my students, my collegues, and all the girls at MLC for putting on a fabulous performance!




Congratulations to my 7 ensemble students (as well as my other private students enrolled at different schools) selected to play in the Mimosa concert at the Festival of Instrumental Music, at the Sydney Opera House in September. Remember to complete your weekly memorisation goals!



Dec 2016 - Examinations Results:

Congratulations to all of my students that recently completed music examinations:

ABRSM - 4 Merit, 3 high passes

Trinity - 2 passes